Education Funds

Since its foundation, the education of children has always been one of the main priorities for DMEDD. To this end, since three decades, DMEDD provides many scholarships, primarily to the children of martyrs, but also to the children of needy officials and supporting staff of the MFA, as well as to the high school and university level children of earthquake victims and girl students in the developing regions of Anatolia.

DMEDD announces its annual scholarship every year on June for the children of the MFA members. At the end of evaluation process of all applications according to the specific criteria for each category, selected candidates are submitted to the Executive Board for further assessment and approval.

Categories of DMEDD’s Educational Fund are as follows:

  1. Children of Martyrs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or members of other Ministries who were serving abroad.
  2. Children of diplomats from Ministry of Foreign Affairs who passed away while on duty
  3. Children of supporting staff of the MFA in need. This scholarship is available to the following groups: students,
    ii.students attending preparation courses for the University exams,
    iii.8th grade students attending preparation courses for SBS exam.
  4. Special educational funds: it is allocated to the children of the members of MFA with exceptional conditions and/or talents. Moreover, funds created under emergency situations may be included in this group.
  5. V.Contributions within the framework of national educational projects or projects executed by DMEDD: At present, 16 students from Van-Muradiye Elementary School and 15 girls from Agri-Tutak Regional Boarding Elementary School (within the project of Girls Education Campaign-Haydi Kizlar Okula) are in this group.
  6. Children of Earthquake victims: University students who were unable to continue their education due to devastating Marmara Earthquake in 1999.

The sources of Education Fund of DMEDD consist of general donations, donations made by DMEDD members and friends and fund-raising activities organized by DMEDD.

Our Association is grateful to its members and friends for supporting its educational endeavor to help children and youth in need.

Our bank accounts for your educational donations:

Dışişleri Mensupları Eşleri Dayanışma Derneği

Türkiye Is Bankasi Güvenevler Şubesi

Turkish Lira Account (TL): 4242-0003171
IBAN: TR50 0006 4000 0014 2420 003171

Euro Account (EUR): 4242- 0356413
IBAN:TR03 0006 4000 0024 2420 356413

Dollar Account (USD): 4242-0339842
IBAN:TR56 0006 4000 0024 2420 339842

* Please inform us by phone or e-mail about your donation indicating your name, address and telephone numbers.

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