Social Committee:

The Committee is responsible to organize different social activities in order to foster the friendship and understanding amongst DMEDD’s members and members of the diplomatic Community and international organizations in Ankara. These activities are: Republic Day Ball, DMEDD Annual Charity Bazaar, DMEDD Annual Tea, Gastronomy events, sport tournaments and other fundraising events.

Academy Committee:

The Committee’s main responsibility is to assist the promotion of Turkey and to introduce the new members of foreign missions and international organizations in Ankara to Turkish tradition and lifestyle. For this end, the Committee organizes many academic and cultural activities. These activities and courses are: Turkish language classes, Bridge lessons and tournaments, book clubs and conversation groups in different languages, Turkish history, art and traditional crafts classes, conferences, lectures, art exhibitions, concerts, cultural tours to different regions of Turkey.

Solidarity Committee:

Committee tasks are:
-to announce DMEDD’s annual scholarship, to evaluate all bursary applications according to the specific criteria for each category, to submit to the Executive Board for further assessment and approval;
-to follow up with students;
-to cooperate and assist the preparation of “Martyrs day “ceremony with the relevant authorities,
-to carry out necessary tasks under special circumstances eg: accidents, illness,loss of a member or his/her relative
- to monitor DMEDD’s environmental projects,

Social Assistance Committee:

The Committee’s main responsibilities are, especially in the fields of education and health, to assist the building, renovation and refurbishment of schools, hospitals and health clinics; to supply educational materials, books and clothes to disadvantaged schools from different regions of Turkey, to develop and implement social responsibility projects, monitor ongoing projects.


To maintain records and the relevant books of the Association (excluding related with accounting); to oversee and perform daily secretarial duties; to organize Annual General Assembly and weekly Executive Board meetings; to inform the members about meeting results; to prepare and post monthly newsletter in English and Turkish; to update web page of DMEDD.

Accounting Committee:

The task of the Committee is to guide the Association in properly accounting for various aspects of its operations in order to provide the necessary allocation of DMEDD resources.


Its primary function is to assist the Executive Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to the audit of the DMEDD’ s books and records. It is to meet regularly in a year and prepare an audit report to the Executive Board and the Annual General Assembly

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