Since its foundation, the education of children has always been one of the main priorities for DMEDD. To this end, DMEDD provides many scholarships, primarily to the children of members of the MFA, as well as to the children of earthquake victims and students in the developing regions of Anatolia.

DMEDD announces its annual scholarship every year in August for the children of the MFA members. At the end of the evaluation process of all applications according to the specific criteria for each category, selected candidates are submitted to the Executive Board for further assessment and approval.

Categories of DMEDD’s Educational Fund are as follows:

  1. Children of Martyrs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or members of other Ministries who were serving abroad.
  2. Children of diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who passed away while on duty
  3. Children of supporting staff of the MFA in need. This scholarship is available to the following groups:
    1. university students,
    2. students attending preparation courses for the University exams,
    3. 8th-grade students attending preparation courses for high school entry exams.
  4. Special educational funds: it is allocated to the children of the members of MFA with exceptional conditions and/or talents. Moreover, funds created under emergency situations may be included in this group.
  5. Support for the children in need from different regions of Turkey within the framework of national educational projects or projects executed by DMEDD
  6. Children of Earthquake victims: Students who are unable to continue their education due to devastating Earthquakes.