Organizational Structure

DMEDD consists of two boards: the Board of Directors and the Audit Board. Within the Board of Directors, 7 committees operate in different fields of activity. Under the leadership of the DMEDD President, the Board of Directors convenes every 15 days to evaluate the work of these committees. The Audit Board, on the other hand, is responsible for carrying out periodic internal audits and presenting the results to the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

Secretariat: Keeping the necessary books and records of the Association (except the budget, final accounts and balance sheet book) in a regular and timely manner, carrying out daily correspondence, preparing the Board meetings and taking the meeting notes, preparing the English and Turkish bulletins according to the information received from the committees, updating the DMEDD website, making all necessary preparations before the Annual General Assembly and making the necessary notifications after the Assembly are among the duties of the Secretariat.

Social Committee: The aim of the Social Committee is to ensure social cohesion among the members of the Association and between the members of the Association and the spouses of Foreign Mission members in Ankara by organising social events. Among the events organised by the committee are the traditional DMEDD bazaar, gastrodiplomacy events, and bridge tournaments.

Academy Committee: The committee organises various excursions, concerts, exhibitions and educational courses for the spouses of foreign diplomats living in Ankara and DMEDD members that reflect the culture of our country. It also aims to inform the participants by organising conferences on art, social issues, and international relations.

Solidarity Committee: This committee carefully analyses the applications for the educational scholarships offered by our Association and submits them to the Board of Directors. Managing and following up "scholarship process" is among the main duties of this committee. The Solidarity Committee is also responsible for co-operating with the relevant authorities in the organisation of the annual "Martyrs' Commemoration Ceremony".

Charity Committee: The duties of the committee are to provide various materials, renovation/repairs, books, stationery, food and financial assistance to individuals, organisations and schools in need who meet the necessary requirements; to monitor our ongoing projects; and to prepare and present possible project proposals to the Board of Directors. Green Committee: During the tenure of the 43rd Term, the 'Green Committee' was established for the first time in order to reduce our carbon footprint, to increase environmental awareness and sensitivity, to have deeper knowledge on issues such as climate change and to carry out joint projects with SHOM Green Group. The Green Committee also work closely with SHOM Green Group to further our joint projects and partnerships, which we call Green Diplomacy.

Accounting Committee: The role of this committee is to follow the current legal and financial obligations of the DMEDD Board of Directors as regards to expenditure in the management of the Association's resources. It is the responsibility of this committee to provide guidance to ensure the most economical and efficient use of the Association's resources.

The Supervisory Board checks out whether the Association operates in line with the purposes set out in its statute and the fields of activity specified to be carried out for the realisation of these purposes, and whether the books, accounts and records are kept in accordance with the legislation and the Association's statute. The Supervisory Board is also responsible for carrying out the audit in accordance with the principles and procedures set out in the Association's statute at regular intervals not exceeding one year and presenting the results of the audit in a report to the Board of Directors and to the General Assembly when it convenes.

    • Chair
    • Secretariat
    • Academy
    • Solidarity
    • Social Committee
    • Charity
    • Green Committee
    • Accounting
    1. Chairperson
      • Şebnem Akçapar
      1. Secretariat
        • General Secretary
          G. Müge Varol Ilıcak
        • Secretary
          Özge Yılmaz
          Şeyda Erciyes
      2. Academy
        • Filiz Gül Aktaş
        • Burak Noyan
        • Adem Karaoğlu
        • Hülya Akıncı
      3. Solidarity
        • Olcay Doğan
        • Ülkü Kural
        • Nihal Akyıldırım
      4. Social Committee
        • Azra Bozay
        • Didem Türemen
        • Zlatomira Yurdakul
        • Özge Ertuğrul
        • Katerina Tokmak
      5. Charity
        • Gülnur Bigalı
        • Emel Ercengiz Umruk
        • Nigar Kılıç
      6. Green Committee
        • Azra Bozay
        • G. Müge Varol Ilıcak
        • Filiz Gül Aktaş
        • Filiz Öztürk
        • Katerina Tokmak
      7. Accounting
        • Fatma Gülhan Çorman
        • Şeyda Cengiz
        • Filiz Öztürk
      • Fazilet Suna Ersoy
      • Sermin Kök
      • Seda Güldere
      • Özlem Göz Alkan
      • Hikmet Karartı
      • Jasmina Jaşaragıç Özügergin