Charitable Assistance

Within the framework of social responsibility projects, especially on education and health, DMEDD has built in various parts of Turkey pre-schools, schools, and dormitory buildings and financed the renovation and the refurbishment of many schools, hospitals and health clinics. Moreover, it continues to respond to demands by schools and health institutions from different regions of Turkey and supply them with educational materials, books and clothes.

With the same spirit and in cooperation and collaboration with different official and private institutions, foundations, and associations, DMEDD has also provided valuable contributions to several national projects and campaigns on education, health and the environment.

  1. 2024 Recreation Area Opening at Bilkent City Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department
  2. 2024 Visit to Kavaklı Primary and Secondary Schooll
  3. 2024 Visit to Polatlı İğciler Primary School
  4. 2024 Visit to Altındağ Science and Art Center (BİLSEM) School
  5. 2024 Visit to Etimesgut Special Education Vocational School
  6. 2024 Visit to Çubuk Special Education Vocational School
  7. 2024 We visited the children receiving treatment in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Section of Bilkent City Hospital.
  8. 2023 Inauguration of the playground designed specifically for children with special needs built in the gardens of the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital at the Bilkent City Hospital.
  9. 2023 Visit to the Orphanage in Pursaklar and delivery of presents for children.
  10. 2023 Donation of various items needed by the families resettled in Ankara after the earthquake to the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation.
  11. 2023 Donation of books for earthquake-affected children preparing for high school exams at the City Hospital.
  12. 2023 Campaign to collect used and new books to be sent to schools in the earthquake region.
  13. 2023 Collaboration with Adler Central Europe to provide coaching for our university students on DMEDD Scholarship with the aim of preparing them for their future careers.
  14. 2023 Collaboration with Turkish Education Foundation to provide foreign language courses at a reduced rate for our students on DMEDD Scholarship.
  15. 2022 “DMEDD Gastrodiplomacy Training Programme” is a vocational training initiative that we have organized in collaboration with the Diplomacy Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is composed of different modules in gastronomy. All modules are taught by famous chefs and trainers well known in their fields. It aims to help the students of future chefs and service personnel to acquire the skills and knowledge required to address protocol needs in diplomatic and business life.
  16. 2021 Project of building an IT lab in Primary/Middle School in Manavgat, Antalya the region most severely affected from the devastating wildfires of 2021.
  17. 2021 Project of supplying 2 air conditioners, 15 flyswat windows, 1 printer and 1 laminating machine to Mardin Artuklu Höyüklü Primary School.
  18. 2021 Project of supplying 2 air conditioners, 15 flyswat windows, 1 printer and 1 laminating machine to Mardin Artuklu Höyüklü Primary School.
  19. 2020 Educational Support Project for the children of frontline health care workers who lost their lives in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
  20. 2020 Renovation of Ankara Mamak Ali Gültekin Special Education School
  21. 2019 Project of supplying laptops and robot kits for a robotic coding class at the Etimesgut Erzurumlu İbrahim Hakkı Middle School projesi
  22. 2019 Renovation and refurbishment of Mamak Korgeneral Ömer Keçecigil Special Education Preschool
  23. 2018 Refurbishment of the Eskişehir Arif Nihat Asya Middle School
  24. 2018 Altındağ/Gültepe Middle School, Informatics Classrooms Project
  25. 2018 Altındağ Ertuğrul Gazi Middle School Computer Lab Project
  26. 2017 Refurbishment of the Education and Rehabilitation Building of the Association of Protecting children with mental disabilities (ZİÇEV)
  27. 2017 Balıkesir Burhaniye, Gamzelerim Special Education and Rehabilitation Center, Playground Project
  28. 2016 Kavaklıdere Middle School “Friendship Bridge” Informatics Classroom Project
  29. 2016 Kilis Ruhizade Social and Cultural Center for Syrian Women, Vocational Workshop Project
  30. 2016 Altındağ Nazım Akcan Primary School Conference Hall Project
  31. 2015 Altındağ Nazım Akcan İlkokulu Özel Eğitim Sınıfı projesi
  32. 2012 2015 Van-Erciş, Sevim Kürüm High School, Girl’s Dormitory Project, (DMEDD-TİM)
  33. 2014 Soma-Nene Hatun Middle School Playground Project
  34. 2014 Soma-Sabri Balcı Primary School, Refurbishment of Kindergarten Classrooms and Library Project
  35. 2014 Ankara Altındağ, Ahiler Middle School Informatics Technologies Classroom Project
  36. 2013 Hakkari-Şemdinli Altınsu Atatürk Middle School Conference Hall Project
  37. 2013 Erzincan Günebakan Primary School Renovation Project
  38. 2010 2011 Erzurum Dadaş Primary School, Computer Laboratory Project
  39. 2009 Çamlıdere Girls’ Vocational High School, a Culinary Art Facility Project
  40. 2009 Ankara-Yenilik Primary School, Science and Technology Laboratory Project
  41. 2008 Donation to “Build a School Campaign” of UNICEF
  42. 2007 Renovation of Ağrı-Tutak Regional Primary Boarding School (YİBO) Project
  43. 2006 Pursaklar Ayyıldız Anadolu High School, Multipurpose Conference Hall Project
  44. 2005 Van-Muradiye Yavuz Selim Primary School, Multipurpose Conference Hall Project
  45. 2005 Hakkari Anadolu High School, Language Laboratory and Library Project
  46. 2005 Donation to provide technical equipment to the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Ankara
  47. 2004 Batman-Sason, Çağlı Village, Ordu Region, Building a Primary School and Teacher’s Lodging Project
  48. 2004 Renovation of Şanlıurfa-Suruç, Sazlı Primary School Project
  49. 2003 2004 Donation to the “Nationwide Support to Education Campaign” of UNICEF
  50. 2000 Building a Child Care Center Project for the Children of Marmara Earthquake Victims in Sakarya, Serdivan
  51. 1995 1997 Project of Planting a 100.000-tree forest at Gölbaşı, Sincan and Polatli
  52. 1997 Şırnak-Idil Regional Primary Education Boarding School Project within the “Support to Village Schools Program”
  53. 1989 Renovation of Ankara University Pediatric Clinic, Premature Unit Project
  54. 1987 DMEDD (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Child Care Center
  55. 1985 Girls Dormitory Project at Erzurum Atatürk University