Contributions in Education

Since its foundation, the education of children has always been one of the main priorities for DMEDD. To this end, DMEDD provides many scholarships, primarily to the children of members of the MFA, as well as to the children of earthquake victims and students in the developing regions of Anatolia. DMEDD announces its annual scholarship every year in August for the children of the MFA members. At the end of the evaluation process of all applications according to the specific criteria for each category, selected candidates are submitted to the Executive Board for further assessment and approval.

    Categories of DMEDD’s Educational Fund are as follows:

  1. Children of Martyrs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or members of other Ministries who were serving abroad.
  2. Children of diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who passed away while on duty
  3. Children of supporting staff of the MFA in need. This scholarship is available to the following groups:

    1. university students,
    2. students attending preparation courses for the University exams,
    3. 8th-grade students attending preparation courses for high school entry exams.
  4. Special educational funds: it is allocated to the children of the members of MFA with exceptional conditions and/or talents. Moreover, funds created under emergency situations may be included in this group.
  5. Support for the children in need from different regions of Turkey within the framework of national educational projects or projects executed by DMEDD
  6. Children of Earthquake victims: Students who are unable to continue their education due to devastating Earthquakes.

  1. 2023 DMEDD Scholarship for 134 students during the Academic Year 2022-2023
  2. 2023 Book donation for earthquake-affected students in Bilkent City Hospital
  3. 2023 Book campaign for new and used books to be sent to the disaster-inflicted provinces
  4. 2023 Free coaching for university students on DMEDD scholarship with ADLER Central Europe
  5. 2023 English courses for students on DMEDD scholarship with Turkish American Foundation
  6. 2022 Donation of books for various schools in disadvantaged areas under the Project run by Turkish Ministry of National Education titled “No Schools without a Library”
  7. 2022 Book and Mind Games Donation for various primary and secondary schools
  8. 2022 Book and Periodical Donation in Foreign Language to the Ankara University’s Faculty of Languages, History and Geography
  9. 2021 Educational support for a successful student studying at Hacettepe University’s Ankara State Conservatory
  10. 2021 Donation of desk-top computers, computer tables and chairs to the Antalya-Manavgat Belenobası Primary School located in a region reversely affected by wildfires
  11. 2021 Donation of educational material, computers, and printers to the schools carrying the names of our martyrs
  12. 2020 Donation of xerox machine to İzmir-Tire Sarılar Primary School
  13. 2020 Donation of computers to İzmir-Selçuk Gazi Mustafa Kemal Secondary School
  14. 2020 Donation of lab items and books to the Ağrı-Tutak Şehit Uzman Ömer Güç Secondary School
  15. 2020 Donation of computer, xerox machine, books, and stationery items to the Aksaray-Merkez Karacaören Primary School
  16. 2020 Book support for a successful student in a women’s shelter
  17. 2020 Educational project for the children who lost their parents working in the health sector to the COVID-19 pandemic
  18. 2019 Donations of toys, books, and educational material to various schools at different levels
  19. 2018 Educational support for three students from Western Thrace under the project titled “Mothers with Children at School”
  20. 2018 Book donations and monetary support for various schools
  21. 2017 Renovation and furnishing of Education and Rehabilitation Building of ZİÇEV (Foundation for the Training and Protection of Children with Special Needs)
  22. 2016 “Bridge for Friendship” Project to equip a computer class for the Kavaklıdere Secondary School
  23. 2016 Project of Conference Hall for the Altındağ Nazım Akcan Primary School
Children of martyred diplomats
University Scholarships
Special situation students
LGS and YKS Preparatory Contribution