Our Aim

  1. To support the spouses and children of Turkish diplomats and officials who have lost their lives on active duty abroad,
  2. To provide financial support and scholarships to the children of the members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in need,
  3. To organize various kinds of activities for public benefit in Turkey and to initiate social responsibility projects,
  4. To promote solidarity and assistance among the members of the Association,
  5. To welcome the new members of diplomatic missions and foreign representations in Ankara, and introduce them to Turkish culture by organizing cultural and social events, trips, conferences and courses, to encourage the establishment of friendship between spouses of diplomats and DMEDD members.

Since its foundation, the education of children has always been one of the main priorities for DMEDD. To this end, DMEDD provides many scholarships, primarily to the children of the members of the MFA in need, as well as to the children of earthquake victims and students in the developing regions of Anatolia.

Within the framework of social responsibility projects, especially on education and health, DMEDD has built pre-schools, schools and dormitory buildings and financed the renovation and the refurbishment of many schools along with hospitals and health clinics. Moreover, it continues to supply educational materials, books and clothes to disadvantaged schools from different regions of Turkey.

In cooperation and collaboration with different official and private institutions, foundations and associations, DMEDD has provided valuable contributions to several national projects and campaigns on education, health, and the environment.

In addition to the above-mentioned areas, to assist the promotion of Turkey and to introduce the new members of foreign missions and international organizations in Ankara to the Turkish tradition and lifestyle, DMEDD organizes many social and cultural activities.

Internal Solidarity and Scholarships
Social Responsibility Projects
Activities Promoting Turkish Language and Culture