Opportunities for Our Students

“Coaching project” for students on DMEDD scholarship

  1. As the DMEDD family, we have introduced our free of charge Coaching Project with ADLER Central Europe, which has the International Coaching Federation certification so that we could side with our university students on DMEDD scholarship at this important juncture where they would shape their careers and take decisions regarding their future. The students who participate in the project have scheduled at least 6 face-to-face and online meetings with volunteer coaches matched by Adler.
  2. Through this process, we aim to help them to increase their awareness of business life, clarify their purposes of life and career goals, and support them on their journey to maximize their personal and professional potential.

"Turn your steps to goodness" Campaign in
cooperation with DMEDD & Help Steps

Help Steps is a health and common-sense app that can be downloaded and used for free on smartphones anywhere in the world. It counts the steps taken and converts them into financial support. It was created to encourage people to take more steps in their daily lives and donate to social responsibility projects. As the DMEDD family, we aim to increase educational support for the students on DMEDD scholarship through the "Turn Your Steps into Goodness" campaign that we have launched in cooperation with Help Steps. The steps converted to HS through the app transform into donation which we can use for our scholarship program. By downloading the application to your phone with the DMEDD code, you too can contribute to the cost of our students' education by donating the steps you take during the day to the DMEDD campaign.

Detailed information:
First you need to download and register the Help Steps application on your smartphone. During the registration process, you will need to enter the DMEDD code and allow synchronization with the Health app. Then you need to convert the steps you take during the day into HS Steps. HS Step is the currency of the app. The ‘Convert’ button on the main screen converts your steps into HS Steps.

After watching the short video to the end, the steps will be converted. You do not need to wait until the end of the day to convert your steps, you can increase the HS values in the application by converting your steps more than once during the day. You can help by donating your converted steps to the DMEDD campaign in the application. To do this, simply press the 'donate steps' button, enter the number of steps you would like to donate and press the 'donate steps' button again.

DMEDD & Turkish American Association (TAD)
Language Course Agreement

  1. In line with the agreement we have concluded with TAD Bahçelievler, which was established under the auspices of the Turkish American Association, the first five students holding DMEDD scholarship who participate in our campaign with the Help Steps and who donate the highest number of steps will receive 100% (full) scholarship support under the category of General English or English for Specific Purposes and the next five students will receive 50% (half) scholarship support.
  2. As the DMEDD family, we care about our students on DMEDD scholarship to improve their language skills as well as adopting a healthier lifestyle in their daily lives. Thus, we walk with them for increased opportunities by bringing them together with the TAD's expert staff, rigorous principles, and modern techniques to prepare them for their future lives.