Academic and Cultural Activities

DMEDD organizes many social and cultural activities for its members and for the members of foreign missions and international organizations in Ankara in order to strengthen solidarity among its members and to promote Turkish culture. These activities are Turkish language classes, art classes, conferences, lectures, concerts, art exhibitions, Turkish and foreign culinary days, cultural tours to different regions of Turkey, bridge courses, and tournaments.

  1. Yoga Activity from Traditional to Clinical
  2. Participation in the presentation titled "Zero Waste at Home" held at the Italian Embassy Residence
  3. Promotion of DMEDD within the framework of the Diplomatic Academy and Candidate Professional Officers Training Program
  4. Assignment Process, Our Children, and Implementation Suggestions for Adaptation Seminar
  1. 2023 The Civil Society Meetings on the centenary of the Republic
  2. 2023 Turkish Language and Culture courses started off on October 21st by Mr. Adem Karaoğlu who is an expert teacher in Turkish for foreigners and member of our Board of Directors.
  3. 2023 Detailed presentation given to SHOM Members on DMEDD Traditional Bazaar at the Lebanese Ambassador’s Residence hosted by the SHOM President, Ms. Louma Kabalan.
  4. 2023 DMEDD’s informative meeting took place focusing on past activities, future plans and expectations from members was organized for the spouses of Turkish Ambassadors all over the world at the 14th Ambassadors’ Conference in Ankara.
  5. 2023 Special training on ‘Mindfulness: The Magic of Being in the Moment’ took place at the Embassy of India by Zeynep Ağacıkoğlu.
  6. 2023 Gathering over brunch with students on DMEDD scholarship residing in Ankara.
  7. 2023 First Seminar on the Occasion of Centenary of the Republic by Prof. Çiğdem Varol, Prof. Aydan Sat, Assoc. Prof. S. Bahar Yenigül and Assoc. Prof. Z. Aslı Gürel on “Transformation of the Capital’s Kızılay Square”
  8. 2023 Second Seminar on the Occasion of Centenary of the Republic by Prof. Ruşen Keleş on “Atatürk, Ankara and the Early Republican Era”
  9. 2023 DMEDD Presentation for Candidate Career Officers during the Training Program by the Diplomacy Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  10. 2023 DMEDD Presentation for the Newly Appointed Consul Generals organized together with the Diplomacy Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  1. 7 March 2022, The screening of the award-winning director Eylem Kaftan's Vendetta Song and an interview with the director
  2. 29 May 2022, Meeting with our alumni and scholars about "Career Planning"
  3. 3 November 2022, screening of Ümran Safter's documentary "Leave The Door Open" at the American Embassy Residence and interview with the director
  1. 16 May 2021, Online chat meeting with our Scholars on "Career Expertise in the Public Sector"
  2. 28 May 2021, Erimtan Museum online presentation and conversation with narration by Nazan Gezer the museum's director
  3. 8 June 2021, Online interview with neyplayer Burcu Karadağ
  4. 9 December 2021, Conference on "Traditional Turkish and ottoman embroiders" with the presentation of Alper Yurdemi in cooperation with DMEDD-Turkish Japanese Foundation
  5. 19 December 2021, Brunch meeting with our graduates and university scholars who have completed their university education in the last five years
  1. 25 May 2019, Training in Protocol and Etiquette
  2. 30-31 May 2019, Public Speaking Techniques
  1. 16-17 May 2018, Project Cycle Management Training
  1. 17 March 2015, Conference on Guven Health Campus
  1. 20 March 2014, Conference on “Using Body Language to Communicate More Effectively”
  2. 8-18 April 2014, “Professional Orientation Program”
  1. 2 April 2013, Conference on “Promoting Volunteerism and Preventing Violence Against Women”
  1. 13 April 2011, Conference by Composer Dr. Emre Aracı, “ Invitation to the Waltz- European Music in the Ottoman Palace
  2. 26 May 2011, Conference by Prof.Dr. İsmail Çelik, Head of the Oncology Department of Hacettepe University, “‘Effects of Smoking on Your Health.”
  1. 13 January 2010, Tea and Conference, Astrologer Sevda Dorkip, “The World and Turkey in 2010” - “Discover your future! ”
  2. 12 February 2010, Conference by Prof. Dr. Ahmet İnam, “Ethics in International Relations”
  3. 10 March 2010, Panel “The Difficulties That Diplomat Families Face During The Adaptation Period At Their New Postings’
  4. 2 April 2010, Prof. Dr. Gül İrepoğlu, conversation about her novel “Fiyonklu İstanbul Dürbünü” on common impressions on Istanbul for the last 50 years, using the theme of fashion of this period.
  5. 25 October 2010, “Diet and Weight Watch” by Dermedico beauty, esthetics, renewal and weight loss center”
  1. 17 April 2009, Orthodontist and Dream Weaver Dr.Yalçın Ergir, “The Reverie Whisperer”
  2. 13 May 2009 Dr.Bilge Geçicioğlu, Ersel Geçicioğlu, “Bioresonans Theraphy”
  3. 15 May 2009, conversation with HE.(r) Kaya Toperi
  4. 21 May 2009, conversation with HE.(r) Necati Utkan
  5. 28 May 2009, Eralp Güner and Burke Gülgün, Anadolu Hayat Retirement Planning for Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel and their families
  6. 23 November 2009, Soner Özer, “Body Percussion Workshop”
  7. 16 December 2009, Mr.Bülent Ay, TRT presenter, program maker and faculty member at Başkent Academy of Communication “Techniques for Effective Communication”.
  1. 4 February 2008, Prof. Dr. Serpil Bağcı, “Pictures foretelling: Falnameler”
  2. 27 February 2008, Prof. Dr. Gül İrepoğlu, “The Splendor of Ottoman”
  3. 19 March 2008, Prof. Dr. Ali Kemal Göğüş, “Depression and Anxiety Disorders”
  4. 14 April 2008, Literature debate on Elfriede Jelinek’s books hosted by Embassy of Austria and DMEDD
  5. 2 May 2008, Prof. Dr. Serpil Bağcı, “Pictures foretelling:Falnameler”
  6. 19 November 2008, Conference and Book Signing, Mr.Uğur Kökden, “Solitude of Lake Geneva”
  1. 15 January 2007, HE. Ömür Orhun, “Discrimination and Intolerance against Muslims”
  2. 12 March 2007, on the occasion of Women's Day Celebration, women diplomats shared their experiences with the participants, HE.(r) Mrs. Filiz Dinçmen; Ongün Toperi, founding member of DMEDD; HE. Oya Tuzcuoğlu; HE. Veka İnal; Mrs. Ayşe Sezgin; Mrs.Ceyda Dibek and Mrs.Lale Apakan, President of DMEDD
  3. 19 March 2007, Prof. Dr. Fahri Işık, “Western Civilization created by Anatolia”
  4. 2 April 2007, Op. Dr. Ömer Cengiz, Op. Dr. Betül Bozkurt, Prof. Seher Demirer,“Breast Cancer”
  5. 6 April 2007, Fatih Orbay, “Living Treasure” a documentary on the flora of different regions of Turkey.
  6. 7 May 2007, Prof. Dr. Ahmet İnam, “Being Human”
  7. 14 May 2007, Conference and Book Signing, Prof. Dr. Erendiz Atasü “Women and Literature”
  8. 22 October 2007, Prof. Dr. Elvan İşeri “Psychological problems at school-age children”
  9. 12 November 2007, Conference and Book Signing, Asst.Prof. Dr. Hüner Tuncer “Memoirs of a Woman Diplomat”
  10. 12 December 2007, Özgen Acar, “From One Thousand Gods to One God in Anatolia”
  1. 15 March 2006, Prof. Dr. Binnaz Toprak, “Women in Business and Politics in Turkey”
  1. 15 February 2005, Journalist Ferai Tınç, “NGO’s Role during the process of European Integration”
  2. 9 March 2005, HE Yüksel Söylemez “Graceless Era”
  3. 4 April 2005, HE Gündüz Aktan, “Armenian Issue”
  4. 9 December 2005, Doç.Dr. Hüner Tuncer, “Global Diplomacy”

  1. İkebana Workshop
  2. Ankara Etnography Museum and Art and Sculpture Museum Excursıons
  3. 44th Term Management and Audit Boards Visit to Anıtkabir
  4. Participation in the Luncheon Held by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Arabia for the Ambassadors and Their Spouses in Ankara
  5. 2024 Lunch organized by the Lebanese Ambassador to the Ambassador and his spouses in Ankara
  6. 2023
    1. 2023 Visit to ISBANK Economic Independence Museum and Stamp Museum – two early Republican institutions as part of the series of celebrating the centenary of the Republic of Türkiye.
    2. 2023 Visit to Ataturk’s Mausoleum on the occasion of the centenary of the Republic of Türkiye to pay our respects and undying gratitude to the founder of the Republic.
    3. 2023 Visit to Anıtkabir on the International Women’s Day
    4. 2023 Visit to First and Second National Assemblies and Private Tour
    5. 2023 Visit to the Cebeci Martyrs’ Cemetery on March 18 Martyrs’ Day and Official Ceremony
    1. 30 March 2022, Cultural promotion of Ankara Olgunlaşma Institute to the ASEAN Ladies Community in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy
    2. 17 May 2022, Visit to the Pembe Köşk Museum with the kind participation of Mrs. Özden İnönü Toker
    3. 7 June 2022, Day trip to Anatolian Open Air Museum (Living Village) in Beypazarı
    4. 20 October 2022, promotion event of Ankara history, culture and geographical indication products hosted by Ankara Club Association
    5. 24 November 2022, Promotional event for mohair made from Angora goats and the stages of its production by Mohair&Angora
    1. 16 November 2021, Tour of the Ankara Castle including stops at the Erimtan Museum, the Ahi Şerafeddin Mosque, and Pilavoğlu Han
    1. 28 March 2019 Historic walk around Ankara Castle:a visit to traditional craft shops; coppersmiths, silversmiths, wood carvers, embroidery&ceramic artists’ shops, traditional glass painters
    2. 4-5 May 2019, Cultural Tour to Nemrut and Göbeklitepe, cultural tour to Nemrut-Göbeklitepe. Places visited: Mount Nemrut, the church of St. Peter and St. Paul, the ancient city of Perre, the burial site of Karakuş, Severan Bridge, the ancient city of Arsemia, Şanlıurfa Museum, Halepbahçe Mosaic Museum, Balıklı Göl. Göbeklitepe excavation area was visited with Lee Claire, the excavation coordinator.
    1. 28- 29 April 2018, Cultural Trip to Gaziantep
    1. 6-7 May 2017 Visit to Bursa
    2. 22-24 May 2017 Cultural Tour to Çanakkale
    1. 26 February 2016, Visit to VEKAM Ankara Orchard House Museum
    2. 18 April 2016, Visit to the Museum of the Pink Villa which was was the home of Turkish President İsmet İnönü from 1925 to 1973.
    1. 25 April 2015, Trip to Çorum
    2. 9-30 May 2015 Cultural Tour to Kütahya
    3. 9-12 October 2015, Trip to Georgia
    4. Visit to the Chess Museum and Erimtan Museum
    1. 11 April 2014 Visit to ODTÜ Teknokent, Technology Development Zone, Turkey’s leading Techno-park
    2. 12 April 2014 Tour to Beypazarı
    3. 10 May 2014 Visit to Karaman
    4. 7-12 November 2014 Trip to Balkans
    1. 7 February 2013, The Ulucanlar Prison Museum and Hamamonu
    2. 16 March 2013, Tour to Çankırı and Mount Ilgaz
    3. 11 April 2013 Visit to the State Art and Sculpture Museum, Ankara
    4. 10 December 2013, Cultural Tour to Ulus
    1. 29 March 2012, Visit to Hacı Bayram Mosque, Hamamönü and Ankara House
    2. 28 April 2012 Trip to Eskişehir
    3. 10 May 2012 Visit to the Museum of the Pink Villa and Gölbaşı Provincials House
    4. 16 October 2012 Visit to the production plant of the Kavaklıdere wines
    5. 19 October 2012, Cultural trip to the museum of the War of Independence, First Assembly of Turkish Republic, and National Assembly
    6. 17 February 2012, Visit to CerModern and Ankara Train Station
    1. 28 April 2011, Visit VEKAM Ankara Orchard House Museum
    2. 28 May 2011, A Visit to a Horse Farm in Kazan province, Ankara
    3. 10 December 2011 Cultural Trip to Konya, Şebi-Aruz commemoration ceremonies
    1. 27-28 March 2010, Capadoccia: trip includes Uçhisar, Üçgüzeller and Güvercinlik Valleys, Göreme Open Air Museum, Paşabağlar and Derbent valleys, Avanos, Ihlara Valleys, Kaymaklı underground city, visit to Turasan Wine vault, premenade through Melendiz river
    2. 18 April 2010, a Day trip to Yozgat-Hattusha:Çamlık Hill, Çapanoğlu Mosque, Hattusha
    3. 27-30 May 2010, Damascus: City tour of Damascus, Baalbek, Beirut, Hariri Mosque, Roman Baths, Jeita Grotto, Harisa, a tour of Byblos, Muhittin Arabi Mosque, a fortress of Damascus, Hamidiye Bazaar, Sellahadin el Eyyubi Tomb, Süleymaniye Külliye (Külliye means a complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque), Turkish Aviation Martyrs, Ummayyad Mosque, Azem Pasha Palace
    4. 25 November 2010, Historic walk around Ankara Fortress: A visit to traditional craft shops around Ankara citadel: Coppersmiths, silversmiths, wood carvers, reproducers of museum pieces, embroidery, rug and kilim shops, traditional glass painters and Rahmi Koc Museum
    1. 7-8 February 2009 Ilgaz-Kastamonu: Kastamonu Citadel, Government Palace, Ayağı Yanık and Şabani Veli Tombs.
    2. 21-22 February 2009 Eskişehir-Kütahya: Historic City Tours of Eskişehir and Kütahya, boat tour at Porsuk Creek
    3. 2-6 April 2009 Antakya-Aleppo: Antakya tour–Orthodox Church, Catholic Church, Havra, Mozaic Museum, St. Pierre Church, Habib Neccar Mosque, Harbiye – Waterfalls, Grand Bazaar, Kurşunluhan and day trip to Aleppo
    4. 21-22 November 2009 Eskişehir – Kütahya: City tour of Eskisehir to see the perfect example of modern urbanism, old houses of Odunpazarı, Kurşunlu Külliye (Külliye means complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque), Turkey’s first Contemporary Museum of Glass Arts, Boat tour through Porsuk Creek, Kentpark, Aizonai Antic city, Çalköy, Victory Monument and Martyrdom Monument at Dumlupınar, ceramic workshop and shopping
    5. 12 Aralık 2009 day trip to Konya : visit to Mevlana Museum, attendance to Şeb-i Aruz Ceremony, tasting traditional Konya Cuisine
    1. 9-10 April 2008 Antakya: Orthodox Church, Catholic Church, Havra, Mozaic Museum, St. Pierre Church, Habib Neccar Mosque, Harbiye – Waterfalls, the tomb of Ayshe Fitnat hanım
    1. 26-28 February 2007, Cultural trip to Istanbul: Trip includes Kazım Karabekir Museum; meeting with Mr. Ilber Ortaylı, director of Topkapı Palace Museum and a visit to the Palace, Modern Art Museum, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Concert of “Amsterdam Chamber Orchestra” at Cemal Reşit Rey Concert hall
    2. 18 April 2007, a visit to Bilkent Unıversity: program includes a presentation by Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Doğramacı followed by a NANO Technology presentation by Ass.Prof. Işık Yuluğ from Faculty of Science and visit to Faculty of Music
    3. 5-6 May 2007, a weekend trip to Amasra, Safranbolu, Yörük Village and Bartın.
    4. 20 May- 1 June 2007, trip to China: organized by DMEDD with the cooperation of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ankara and the Association of Friendship and Culture of the Turkish-Chinese Women
    1. March 2006 Daytrip to Beypazarı: Lovely historical town offering good food and interesting walking tours and architectural texture with fine local silverware
    2. April 2006 Inner Aefean Region: Pamukkale, Denizli, Laoidikia, Afrodisias, Saint Mary, Ephesus Şirince, İzmir, Ödemiş and Birgi 6-9
    3. October 2006 A day trip to Abant Lake 15
    4. December 2006 trip to Konya: Trip includes Seb-i Aruz ceremony and a visit to Rumi Museum, İnce Minare, Alaaddin Mosque, Çatalhöyük Open Air Museum 10-9.
    1. 29-30 January 2005 Trip to Kastamonu- Ilgaz: Program includes Historic Kastamonu city tour and Ilgaz National Park
    2. 19-20-21 March 2005 Trip to Bursa-İznik-Trilye, St.Sophia Church-Istanbul Gate, Tile Museum, Tile School and shopping, Bursa City tour, Ulucami Mosque, Osman Gazi, Orhan Gazi and Yesil Turbes (Mausoleums), Trilye Coastal Town, Ortodox school, olive oil producers and shopping
    3. 17 April 2005, Historic and Cultural Tour of Ankara, the program includes Ankara Fortress and surroundings, Koç Müzesi in Kecioren, Natural History Museum in METU, Independence Museum in Anitkabir, Roman Augustus temple and baths
    4. 14-17 May 2005 Trip to Canakkale, Assos, Behramkale, Ida Mountain, Anzac Bay, Monuments and
    5. 20 November 2005 visit to Atatürk Cultural Center Modern Turkish Painters Exhibition

  1. Participation in the Concert Organized by the Embassy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  2. Participation in the Concert Organized by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic

  1. 2023 Visit to the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO) guided by the most talented chief conductor and music director, Mr. Cem’i Can Deliorman. Mini concerts, photos taken at the stage of CSO Main Hall and exclusive talk with Mr. Deliorman were the highlights of the visit.
  2. 2023 Voice of Deep Waters Concert by DMEDD Academy Committee Member and contrabass player, Dr. Burak Noyan and Underwater Photo Exhibition by Dr. Alp Can at Turkish-Japanese Foundation Cultural Center
  3. 2023 Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Concert Rehearsal under the direction of world-renowned conductor Gürer Aykal and accompanied by Gülsin Onay
  1. 25 March 2022, Watching the last rehearsal of the concert in which the Presidential Symphony Orchestra accompanies pianist Emre Yavuz under the direction of famous conductor Rengim Gökmen and interview with the artists.
  2. 26 May 2022, Hacettepe University "DMEDD Special Screening" prepared by Conservatory students for the promotion of Ankara State Conservatory
  1. 8 March 2019, Piano and Cello Concert, Bilkent Üniversity Music Academy Student Nehir Nisa Alemdar.
  2. 4 October 2019, Piano and Violin Concert at Bilkent Concert Hall, Bilkent Üniversity Music Academy Students Elif Ece Cansever and İlayda Deniz Oğuz.
  1. 5 October 2018, Concert at Bilkent Concert Hall, Pianists Yudum Çetiner and Selin Şekeranber.
  1. 24 Mart 2016, Piano Recital, Ayşegül Kus Durakoğlu
  1. 17 Mayıs 2015, Piano Recital, Can Çakmur
  1. 25 Kasım 2013, Concert, Yıldız İbrahimova
  1. 3 Mart 2012, Concert, “Yes, We Loved”, Yalçın Ergir and The State Opera and Ballet Soprano Leyla Çolakoğlu
  2. 22 December 2012, Concert, “Born into Love”, Composer and Soprano Ayça Nur Kip and her friend
  1. 15 January 2011, Turkish Classical Music Concert
  2. 19 March 2011, “Songs and Duets from Operettas to Neapolitans”, The State Opera and Ballet Soprano Güzin Yıldız, and Tenor Emrah Sözer
  1. 11 February 2010, “Anatolian Sopranos 3” concert at Ankara Palas
  2. 19 March 2010, “New age-Anatolian Folk Music Concert” with Bengi Trio at Ankara Palas
  3. 10 April 2010, “Piano Recital for 4 Hands” at Ankara Palas
  4. 26 May 2010, Lecture-Concert “R. Schumann in his 200th year” presented by musicians from among us. The lecturer is Ahmet Soysal, and our musicians are Tülay Soysal (piano), Derya Ağca (mezzo soprano), Emel Özer (violin), Ulaş Başkaya (viola).
  1. 27 March 2008, Concert by Women’s Choir of SCV (Sevda Cenap And Music Foundation)
  1. 10 December 2007, Chamber Music at Bilkent Concert Hall by DMEDD Western Classical Music Group created by DMEDD Executive Committee member and composed of Turkish, Bulgarian, Belgian musicians.
  1. 8 March 2006, Jazz Concert at Ankara Palas, on the Occasion of Women's Day celebrations.
  1. 5 May 2005, “Orfeon Chamber Chorus, Uzel Ametist Clarinet Quintet and Harpist Cagatay Akyol”, a concert with the Collaboration of Sevda Cenap And Foundation on the occasion of 85th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in connection with the European Union week of Festivities

  1. 2024 Glassification. Hu and New:Now Exhibition Visits
  1. 2023 Underwater Photo Exhibition by Alp Can at the Turkish Japanese Foundation Cultural Center
  2. 2023 Special Exhibition at the Ankara Olgunlasma Institute on Turkish embroidery and textiles “‘Time for White’: Shirt Collection”
  3. 2023 Upcycling Fashion Event at the Italian Residence
  1. 9 April 2022, Presentation of the works of three contemporary Turkish women artists in the "Watching Faces" exhibition by the curator Burçak Yakıcı at the Evliyagil Museum.
  1. 20 May-30 September 2016,10th Group Exhibition of Members of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
  1. 5 June-30 September 2015, 9th Group Exhibition of Members of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
  1. 3-17 April. “23 April Art Exhibition”
  2. 20 May-30 September 2014, 8th Group Exhibition of Members of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
  3. 6 – 26 November 2014, Exhibition entitled “Women of the War Of Independence”, İsmail Acar
  1. 6 June-30 September 2013, 7th Group Exhibition of Members of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
  1. 6 June-27 September 2012, 6th Group Exhibition of Members of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
  1. 15 June 2009, Art Exhibition of Ankara Social Services and Child Protection Agency, Seyranbagları Orphanages at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Suna Çokgür Ilıcak Art Gallery
  2. 18 November 2009, Porcelain Painting Group Exhibition of Seniye Küçüktez and her students
  1. 8 February 2008, Art exhibition of Semra Özümerzifon
  2. 14 April 2008, “Silk Painting Embroideries” of Ferizat Atasoy at Austrian Embassy Residence
  3. 20 December 2008, “End of Year Exhibition of Porcelain Painting Group” at the Afghanistan Embassy Residence
  1. 3 November 2007, “Türkan Şoray- Costumes from the White Screen” within the National Day celebrations
  1. 8 March 2006, a group exhibition themed “Woman” within the Women's Day Celebrations,
  2. 1 December 2006, a group exhibition of members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  1. 2023 DMEDD’s Traditional Welcome Tea for the newly appointed female Ambassadors and spouses of Ambassadors took place at the Kavaklıdere Tennis Club.
  2. 2023 Participation in the gastronomic event of Asian Cuisine at the Ambassador’s residence of the Republic of Korea showcasing the exquisite tastes from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Thailand and South Korea.
  3. 2023 Closing Ceremony of the Gastro-diplomacy Event
  4. 2023 Participation in SHOM’s Traditional Spring Tea Event
  5. 2023 Workshop on the Journey of Coffee
  6. 2023 Participation of SHOM’s Asian Cuisine Event
  1. 16 April 2022, Cupcake workshop at Çankaya Municipality Zübeyde Hanım Çankaya House for the children of our Ministry members on the occasion of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day.
  1. 20 March 2018, A Gastronomy Day at Kalbur Restaurant
  2. 10 May 2018, A Gastronomy Day at Divan Çukurhan Hotel
  1. 12 May 2016, Gaziantep Cuisine, Ankara Palas
  1. 6 March 2014, Latin America and Portuguese Gastronomy Event, Ankara Palas
  2. 27 November 2014, Africa Cultural Event with the participation of the 22 African countries, Ankara Palas
  1. 28 February 2013, Japanese Cuisine, Tepenyaki Alaturka Restaurant
  2. 16 April 2013, Indian Gastronomy day hosted by the spouse of the Indian Ambassador at their Residence.
  3. 13 December 2013, Gastronomy event at Trilye restaurant
  1. 26 January 2012, Gastronomy event at Trilye restaurant
  2. 19 April 2012, Pakistani Gastronomy day hosted by the spouse of the Ambassador of Pakistan at their Residence.
  3. 8 November 2012, Indonesian Gastronomy day hosted by the spouse of the Indonesian Ambassador at their Residence.
  1. 27 January 2011, Azerbaijani cuisine and music, hosted by the spouse of the Ambassador of Azerbaijan at their Residence.
  2. 24 March 2011, Gastronomy event at Trilye restaurant
  3. 28 April 2011, A Gastronomy day at VEKAM Orchard House (Vehbi Koc Ankara Cultural Research Center)
  4. 13 October 2011, Chinese Cuisine at the Foundation of Turkish Chinese Friendship
  5. 17 October 2011, Welcome tea at Ankara Palas
  1. 19 February 2010, Japan Gastronomy day at Ankara Palas hosted by the Embassy of Japan.
  2. 25 March 2010, French Gastronomy day at Ankara Palas with the demonstration of the French Embassy’s cook Mr. Frederic Gix and Mr. Attila Ayten and hosted by Mrs.Isabelle Emie, spouse of the French Ambassador.
  3. 22 April 2010, Indian Gastronomy day hosted by Mrs.Smitha Jasha, spouse of the Indian Ambassador at their Residence.
  1. 22 January 2009, Jordan Gastronomy day hosted by Mrs.Lana Mufti spouse of Jordanian Ambassador, at their Residence.
  2. 26 February 2009, visit to Kavaklıdere Winery.
  3. 27 March 2009, a gastronomy day at Limak Ambassador Hotel
  4. 10 December 2009, seafood presentation of Süreyya Üzmez owner and a prominent gourmet of Trilye Restaurant.
  1. 24 January 2008, Turkish Cuisine at Ankara Palas
  2. 28 April 2008, Turkish delicacies at Orchard House of VEKAM (Vehbi Koc Ankara Cultural Research Center)
  3. 22 May 2008, visit to Kavaklıdere Winery, lunch and wine tasting
  4. 25 May 2008, “Summer Brunch” accompanied by live classical music at Ankara Palas
  5. 4 December 2008, presentation of Hatay Kitchen at Dafne Restaurant
  1. 8 January 2007, “How to cook Seafood” presented by Mr.Süreyya Üzmez, owner and a prominent gourmet of Trilye Restaurant.
  2. 8 March 2007, “A Dinner with Unforgettable Songs”, on the occasion of the International Women's Day with the participation of infamous performer Mr.Ömür Göksel (all proceeds are donated to SHÇEK-Gaziantep Women Guest House)
  3. 15 March 2007, tasting Chinese Cuisine hosted by Mrs. Wan Min, spouse of the Chinese Ambassador.
  4. 19 April 2007, tasting Ottoman cuisine at a newly opened restaurant named “Homestore Sayes”
  5. 16 May 2007, a day trip to Kavaklıdere Winery, Wine Tasting and Lunch
  6. 31 May 2007, delicious Turkish menu including lamb tandır, salad and rice pudding at Çengelhan Divan Brasserie
  7. 6 June 2007, “Summer Ball” at Ankara Palas, with the participation of celebrated Turkish singer, Nukhet Duru, (all proceeds are used to the renovation of Ağrı- Tutak, Regional Boarding Primary School.)
  8. 22 November 2007, Seafood at Trilye Restaurant
  1. 20 February 2006, “Fashion and Culinary Design Presentation” by Gönül Paksoy, internationally acknowledged artist-designer-scientist.
  2. 4 April 2006, A theatrical and multi-vision Presentation and Tea party at Ankara Palas, “Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi: Soaring Ecstasy” by Prof.Dr. Yıldız Kenter and Prof. Dr.Talat Halman. This event is organized together with Turkish Human Resources Foundation (TİKAV), Turkish-American Women Cultural and Charitable Society ( TAKKYD) and DMEDD.
  3. 3 June 2006, a Musical Dinner under the auspieces of Mrs. Hayrünnisa Gül, DMEDD’s Honorary President, with the performance of Meyra and Güneri Munzur Orchestra at Ankara Palas. All proceeds of the evening are donated to fund the educational needs of the Sükrü Acar Primary School at Akyurt, Ankara. Moreover, all individuals and companies contributed to the restoration of Ankara Palas are presented with placards at this event.
  4. 14 November 2006, Italian cuisine hosted by Mrs.Selva Marsili, spouse of the Ambassador of Italy at their Residence and accompanied by the performance of Mrs.Çiğdem Çilesiz (piano) and Elif Kara (Soprano)
  1. 25 January 2005, Chinese Cuisine, very special lunch hosted by HE.Ambassador Song Aiguo.
  2. 21 February 2005, ”Tastes from the United Arab Emirates”, hosted by Mrs. Noora Al-Gaith, spouse of UAE Ambassador. The revenue of this event is donated to UNICEF National Committee’s Young Tsunami Victims’ fund.
  3. 6 March 2005, very special program reflecting Japanese calligraphy-tea ceremony-dolls and cuisine prepared by Mrs. Motoko ABE, spouse of Japanese Ambassador.
  4. 25 May 2005, “Spring Lunch” at Kale- Cengelhan Divan Brasserie.
  5. 16 December 2005, a workshop by Çiğdem SİMAVİ, the President of KUSAV (Culture and Art Foundation) and an expert on Turkish Cuisine history and presentation. She reveals the secrets of some classical Turkish menus which are followed by a special Lunch prepared from special selections from her menu.

    The Embassies Hosted Bridge Tournaments
  1. 2023 Bridge classes at the Kavaklıdere Club for members
  2. 2023 Bridge Tournament in Fall 2023 (TBA)
  3. 21 February 2018, Pakistan Embassy Residence, hosted by Mrs.Shaza Syrus, spouse of the ambassador of Pakistan.
  4. 29 March 2018, Embassy of Hungary, hosted by Mrs.Dora Kiss-Henezi, spouse of the Hungarian ambassador.
  5. 3 May 2018, Kazakhstan Embassy Residence, hosted by Mrs. Gulbanu Syrgabayeva, spouse of the ambassador of Kazakhstan.
  6. 6 December 2018, Mongolian Embassy Residence, hosted by Mrs.Oyun Mijiddorj, spouse of the ambassador of Mongolia.
  7. 25 April 2019, Embassy of Brazil, hosted by Mrs Diva Cristina Gradilone, spouse of the Brazilian ambassador.
  8. 13 February 2020, Residence of the Head of EU Delegation Turkey, hosted by Mrs. Marilena Georgiadou Berger, spouse of the EU ambassador.