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DMEDD Meeting within the Scope of the Ambassadors Conference

08.08.2023 Ankara

On the occasion of the 14th Ambassadors’ Conference on August 8th, 2023, DMEDD Meeting was held with the participation of the esteemed spouses of our Ambassadors posted in the missions abroad and those appointed in Ankara. The program commenced with the participation of 102 guests, who took a moment of silence to pay their respects to the Hatay Representative Ambassador Devrim Öztürk, the Officer in charge in the Hatay Office, Gökhan Aytaç, and all our citizens who lost their lives due to the devastating earthquake which took place on the 6 February. Following the opening remarks, Ms. Şebnem Akçapar, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the 43rd Term of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spouses Solidarity Association, made a comprehensive presentation on DMEDD's 2023 activities, plans and proposals, and thanked our members, who contributed to the DMEDD activities in the previous years, as well as the 43rd Term Board of Directors and Auditors for their valuable support. The presentation proceeded with informati on on DMEDD activities as further detailed in the Booklet prepared for the occasion of this meeting, the Help Steps application which was initiated to contribute to the scholarshipS of DMEDD GRANTED. The survey forms filled by the majority of the participants will contribute greatly to our task. With our sincere thanks.